your global supplier of egg products

Thanks to active growth and diversification, OVODAN’s original core business of supplying high quality egg products has expanded and developed into a world wide group. 

Global Presence  

We have a global presence - This is your security for contingency. In cases of unforeseen circumstances i.g. avian flu, OVODAN EGG GROUP is able to offer you a secure supply of egg products. This is possible because we have more production facilities around the world than any other supplier. We operate factories in China, Denmark, Germany and Venezuela. 

OVODAN EGG GROUP consists of: OVODAN FOODS A/S (Denmark), OVODAN International as (Denmark), OVODAN Eiprodukte GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), OVODAN FOODS (China - 3 factories), Productos Danimex (Venezuela).

We are unique

We were one of the first in this business and today we have a sound and solid foundation. We have brought all of our activities into one group - OVODAN EGG GROUP. We believe that bringing together our international expertise creates a truly global company with greater flexibility, improving our service to our valued customers.

2013 Zeven Factory fall

(Picture: OVODAN Eiprodukte GmbH & Co. Kg., Germany)

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