29-11-2018 | 
Marketing Department


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We have great pleasure in announcing that by mid-2019 we will be changing our name from SANOVO to OVODAN.

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The move is mainly part of an internal initiative to differentiate us more clearly from our sister company SANOVO Technology Group and to form stronger ties with our Chinese egg businesses.

For your information, the OVODAN name has been in use by our Chinese egg companies for over 15 years, where we are the region’s leading provider of egg-based solutions. To present a more unified offering across our organisation and to strengthen our brand in the global marketplace, the name will therefore be used for our European entities as well (SANOVO FOODS and SANOVO International in Denmark, SANOVO Eiprodukte in Germany and SANOVO Egg Products in United Kingdom).

About the name, new logo and our promise

OVODAN is a name belonging to our group already. It consists of the Latin word for eggs (OVO) and an abbreviation for Denmark (DAN). In addition, DAN also means “egg” in Mandarin Chinese. The flower symbol expresses growth, a variety of solutions and continuously reliable delivery.

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We want to be the most reliable supplier of high-quality egg solutions. Therefore the slogan: Reliable Egg Solutions. That’s why the services and products we provide across our European entities – as well as the quality we are trusted for  – will not be affected in any way, bar the name change.

Ovodan banner

Senior Management

There are no changes in management to be aware of; Mr. Wayne Liu will remain as CEO for OVODAN in China while Mr. Henrik Pedersen remains CEO for all companies outside China. Henrik Pedersen is also legal representative for OVODAN’s Chinese companies.

We are very excited to take this new step and trust that the implementation of the OVODAN name in Europe will make us even stronger in the global marketplace.