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Trends in Healthy Snacking & The Egg Product Category

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Functional foods are becoming a mainstay of the food industry as consumers come to expect products that contribute to overall health and wellness.

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The Food for Health & Healthy Snacking Trends

Trends are driven by the ageing population and an increased awareness both among adults and younger people that "you are what you eat". Reports show that a growing number of adults snack at least once every day and nearly a third of Millenials replace meals with snacks because they are busy. With an increased consciousness on health and convenience the snacking industry is up for a healthy makeover. 

Eggs are good for you

Studies showing that egg yolks are not as harmful as once though in terms of hearth health, adoption of high protein paleo and keto diets, snack-friendly and more shelf-stable products, popularity of egg heavy dishes in food service industry and demand from emerging economies are expected to power growth in the global egg and egg product category.

The leading claims in the egg and egg products category in 2019 were:

  • Organic
  • High Source of Protein
  • Gluten Free
  • GMO Free
  • Omega-3

Apart from the top 5 claims other positionings growing in popularity are tradition, eye health, vegetarian, bone health, antioxidant and low sodium.

Did you know that eggs are good for a healthy vision?

Egg yolks are chock-full of two powerful antioxidants; lutein and zeaxanthin. The best part of getting them from eating an omelet is that both lutein and zeaxanthin are fat soluble, so they are more readily absorbed by the body. Egg yolks are also a rich source of vitamin D, which studies have shown may protect your eyes against macular degeneration.

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The landscape in the Egg and Egg products category

Europe is the most active market for New Product Launches

Reports show that private label innovation featuring ready-to-eat in-store omelettes and scrambled eggs, demand for fresh, locally farmed and organic claims, animal welfare claims such as free range eggs and focus on heritage breeds are powering innovation.

Asia is the top region for egg and egg products sales value.

A large population base with growing consumption of egg and burgeoning demand for organic eggs are powering growth in this category. 

North America and Australia/New Zealand are high innovation and value growth markets

In Australia/New Zealand reformulated launches owing to strict regulation on use of "free-range" label, demand for ethical eggs (free range) and growing demand for high protein foods from fitness conscious consumers are powering growth.

Trend eggs

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