12-03-2020 | 
Marketing Department

Information re. COVID-19

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Restrictions & Guidelines in THE OVODAN Europe companies


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Due to the current outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we would like to inform you about OVODAN Europe’s measures and action points in regards to this difficult worldwide situation. 

All actions are taken to help secure the well-being of our employees throughout Europe and subsequently to secure continuous operation of our production sites.

Restrictions and guidelines for OVODAN employees

  • Restrictions of business travel have been implemented. 
  • Only business ‘critical’ travelling will be permitted (with CEO approval).
  • Travelling to high-risk areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Private travelling to high-risk areas by employees are now followed by a strict policy of self-isolation for 14 days.
  • Should an employee show any symptoms related to COVID-19 or symptoms related to a normal influenza disease, they are instructed to stay at home and either seek medical attention or isolate themselves.
  • At work OVODAN employees are strictly instructed on using hand sanitizers on a frequent basis.
  • Physical contacts - such as handshakes etc. are prohibited.
  • Internal & external meetings - formal & informal meetings incl. face to face talks– are to be kept at a minimum.  Where totally necessary this is limited to 4 persons. Where possible employees are instructed to use phone or online meeting platforms.   
  • All of the above will be reviewed on a daily basis.

Restrictions and guidelines for OVODAN production sites and sales offices

  • All external visits are NOT permitted – unless it is business-critical.
  • No visitors are permitted on site if any of these persons have travelled to one of the high-risk areas on the WHO’s list within the last two weeks prior to the visit. This is controlled by a questionnaire prior to arrival at the site.
  • Warehouse personnel / Production personnel are (to the widest possible extent) to be kept separate from each other during work time. Work flows are adjusted accordingly.    
  • Staff from transportation companies, courier services, sub-contractors etc. are strictly required to follow the same guidelines as our employees. Precautions to minimize physical contact with our employees are taken. 

These above action points and guidelines are valid until further notice. Should the situation change and amendments be required, these will be initiated and a new statement will be issued.

Please rest assured that we follow this situation very closely.

Kind regards,

Henrik Pedersen