17-03-2020 | 
Marketing Department

Update re. COVID-19 situation

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Dear Business Partners,


In the light of the current Corona situation in Europe, we should like to keep you informed about the supply situation of our factories in Germany and Denmark.

As for now our two plants, OVODAN EIPRODUKTE GMBH & CO. KG in Germany and OVODAN FOODS A/S in Denmark, are doing well the current situation taken into consideration. It goes without saying that extra precautions have been taken to secure the well-being of our employees and to secure the production flows.

In our warehouses in both Germany and Denmark we have good quantities of all types of Egg Powders on stock. We can verify that we have a good inflow of raw materials, the production is running as usual and the veterinarians sign the documents as usual. We have, however, experienced significant delays in the ordering of containers and the shipping/freight. Therefore, in order to try to avoid any unpleasant delays we do hereby ask you kindly to take this matter into consideration, when planning and placing your orders.

We will do our utmost to keep you informed and as always please do contact us if you have any questions to this matter.

Kind regards,

Henrik Pedersen